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the story so far...
03 Feb 2011
Well we have now been here 5 months and I feel like the vision we had for our life in australia while we were in England is becomomg a reality no longer a dream but real life I can honestly say for me nothing has come as a dissapointment or a shock. Dont get me wrong it is not all plain sailing here some things about life are frustrating this was also true of England, I had no illusions about coming here, my family still manage to fill the washing bin every day ( hey but it dries dry dam quick here!) someone always manages to drink the last of the cold water and put empty bottle back in fridge and no matter how many times i ask my delightful children to tidy them, thier bedrooms never are but at least the sun (nearly) always shines. I love the fact that most shops are closed on sunday,where we live there are always people about who smile and say hi. I can hear the school siren from my house so I know when Jena is on break or lunch or back at her desk working hard!! only small things but they make my heart smile.
Unfortunatley we have had a tragic accident, our daughters beautiful dog Perry escaped while we were out and was knocked down by a car and died Jami was and is devasted she had waited for so long to have a dog and now he has gone she feels so lost I am glad that school has started back this week as this will to some degree keep her mind busy and allow her to think of something else. This has been a vey sad event in what otherwise has been a happy time since we arrived. One of the best things about being here has been catching up with friends that have been here a while and making some really special new friends long may they continue to be part of our life here.
To all new arrivals good luck and enjoy that feeling that this not a holiday it's real! To all those still waiting to come good luck and the wait has been worth it for us I wish you all the best for the future
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07 Dec 2010
We have now been here twelve weeks and for some of us this already feels like home. Our three girls are now in school(2at ocean reef 1 at mullaloo heights) and they have all made some really nice friends,and our son is working at mullaloo IGA. The two older girls have after school jobs one at mullaloo fish bar and one at padbury pizza. We have a new addition to our family he is furry has four legs and is called perry(see pic)We are now in a long term rental in mullaloo and have had our first property inspection which I was really worried about as the property managers here can be a little difficult but all went well without a hitch.We have found doing stuff fairly easy although we have learned WA really does stand for 'wait a while' for example: from paying deposit on my car took 6 weeks for the garage to deliver said car!! I have recently started work again after 12 years of unpaid domestic bliss! in the uk and it was really scary but I am getting used to it. Mick's business is growing slowly and he is adapting well to working in the heat, he goes off in the morning suncream on and esky in back of the ute a real aussie tradie! The girls are all enrolled at Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club and at first had mixed feeling about the club but now are slowly settling to the activities. Both older girls have been studying for life saving certificates one has recently passed and gets to wear the famous red and yellow uniform. the other daughter takes her exam next week. My mum arrived just over a week ago from the uk and is really happy to be here she is here till febuary hopefully avoiding the worst of the uk winter weather, she has been very impressed with all the shopping opportunities on offer(in the uk she lives in a tiny cumbrian hamlet the nearest tescos is 40 miles way!).Since we have been here we have met some great people and have made some really lovely friends. It is really important to take every chance to meet new people when you first get here as we have found this the key to feeling as if this is our home. It can be really daunting to introduce yourself to new people but it is really worth the effort as we have found most people are really friendly and it is great to hear about other peoples experiences.
Well I think that's all for now have posted some pics as well.
jami and perry
our new home
mullaoo beach 5 mins. away 8am sunday
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