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A year and a half
11 Mar 2012
Hi all aussiemovers,
It's now over 18 months since our arrival in Perth. Since my last blog update we have expanded the business, had our first wa holiday, our eldest has left school and our youngest has started high school and a in few days my mum arrives for her second visit.
First the business, we have now expanded to two full time staff and have invested in a third ute (tray back van)Mick divides his time between working on the job and quoting for new jobs which means some days are really long for him as if left the paperwork piles up really quick. His once grand plans for 'conquering Perth' have now been scaled back to 'just enough to get our pr'!!
Jake left school before christmas and has been searching for a full time job since then, as a 17 year old without a pr or a driving licence this is proving difficult as he really wants to join the police force and will be unable to do this till we have our pr visa. He has applied for over 50 positions and while many never get back either way the ones that do state that his age is the stumbling block,he continues to work part time for iga and we hope that something will turn up soon as he as struggled since coming here and now he has began to settle the lack of work is bringing him down again.
Jena has started at high school where both her older sisters go and settled straight away She was accepted into the schools specialist music and academic programmes and also into marine studies which is proving to be a big hit with both her and jade who is also now studying this subject. She has made many new friends and is really flourishing at this time.
Our first holday was planned to coincide with a suspected quite, spell business wise at the end of january, we rented a house at dunsborough for a week (through it was perfect being only 1 street back from the beach and walikng distance to the town, it was also pet friendly so coco(jamis dog could come too). The beach was lovely with warm shallow water and was perfect for those with small children and also fab for coco who is tiny to go for a dip. Also available were pedalos, catamarans and canoes for hire at really reasonable rates. The whole area is clean pretty and throughly relaxing, for those who like a drop or two (beer/wine) there are dozens of wineries and breweries within easy driving distance. we had a completly farcical(we were all totally rubbish!) game of mini golf at Symmonds followed by a huge portion of gorgeous waffles and ice cream. We visited meelup beach, bunker bay, eagle bay, all safe swimming spots and went to yallingup where the surf was way out of the girls league but was great watching the pros from the car park above the beach. There is also a lovely pub at yallingup perfect for a few cold ones with friends after a hot day on the beach. The whole area is amazing for photography something both older girls are studying at school. We visited Margaret River which is a lovely little town wth a wide variety of shops cafes pubs and restaurants. going down to beach was a little spooky as signs of thier most recent bushfire are still very apparent everywhere, burned tress and bushland right up to the edge of the beach and from the road down houses with twisted roofs and fences were visible. We also walked the busselton jetty which is over2 km long the day we decided to walk it was over 35 degrees by 10 am we definatly needed the icecream by the time we had walked back!! I would highly recommend (to those who have not been)dunsborough as a great base for exploring the area, we all had a great time and mick actually turned the phone off after the first 3 days this is a minor miracle.
We continue to be extremely lucky with the people we know and new people we are just getting to know, there is always someone to chat with, have a cuppa or a drink at the weekend so thank you to all those we spend time with.
All in all life is still a positive one here, as as time goes by it feels more and more like home and not just the place we live
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