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23 Aug 2012
Parkin family update

Hi to All
Well things here are good and we are all well and happy. Winter is just coming to an end and we have already had a sample of the warmer days to come. Its been a while since my last update so will try to not ramble on for too long J
This continues to enable us to enjoy our Aussie life, there have been some quite weeks recently which makes Mick a bit uncomfortable but mostly he is busy and our 2 staff are out 5 days a week with Mick out about most days and the rest spent on the pc invoicing and quoting for new jobs. Mick does get some time off and he now dives every couple of months shark reports or not!!
Well Jake has turned 18 and started his first full time job since my last update he has really settled here now and no longer wishes to return to the uk asap, as he did when we first arrived.Jake now works full time for a company here called HBF who are an insurance company. He deals with member inquiries and is working in the city commuting the 20 mins by train.
We bought him driving lessons for his 18th but although he has been taking them he says he really does not enjoy the experience (mind you he has always been a lttle different to other males his age) most teenage lads here cant wait to get into some hi powered vehicle. He seems much happier now he has a full time job and is just enjoying the perks of being 18 with a job and living at home.
Jami is now in year 11 and working hard, she has decided that she wants to go to uni to study psychology, so is having to put in the hours to ensure her end of year results are on target.
She still works part time at a local pizza restaurant. Jami continues to surf summer and winter and just loves being out in the ocean. She will this season volunteer at surf rescue to help run the juniors section of the local club. Her love of photography continues and this year she won the local city photo competition the same one that she was a runner up last year in.(will try and add a pic)
Jade continues working part time at Priceline which most recently meant that she could go and see Ed Sheeran in concert in Perth with some friends. Jade really embraces the opportunities that earning her own money allow, for her this means mainly socialising with her friends and the ability to buy new clothes most weeks. Jade has also decided to go to uni and wants to study fashion design and photography. She has, like Jami a really good eye for photography and they quite often are together taking pics around the area we live. They both take photography at school and have the same teacher, who has a wicked sense of humour and very often enjoys stirring up their natural sibling rivalry!!! A huge event happening here for Jade was the news that one direction were going to be performing in Perth next year after what seemed like a long wait the tickets finally went on sale and Jade and a friend managed to secure tickets for 1 of the 2 concerts to be held here.
They were both so happy as so many fans were unlucky as the concerts sold out in under 4 minutes.
Jena started high school in February, each high school here have specialist programmes, so Jena is doing marine studies and music in addition to the main subjects. Jena is learning guitar and is progressing well she has a young guy for her lessons out of school and has classical lessons in school that are part of the music program. Jena also takes part in surf cadets run at school learning about first aid, they also get to go on camp and go climbing and bowling. Her and Jami are currently having surf lessons and love getting in the ocean on a Saturday morning after 2 hours they are completely exhausted and ready for a nap!!! Much to my disappointment Jena is still not dancing she has tried several schools but the high standard she was so used to in the UKseems not to be available here, she will be taking dance at school next year but Jake tells us that the standard there is not that great either.
I am fine and still regularly have moments when I cant quite believe that we live in Australia. I spend my days doing those things that a mum and wife do, and thoroughly enjoy all aspects of our life here, watching the girls surf on a Saturday morning in winter and seeing the huge smiles when they catch a wave makes my heart smile, seeing Jake maturing into a young man and slowly growing independent makes me realise how lucky Mick and I have been with our children.
Recently I was told that a friend in the uk was going through a tough time health wise and this is the first time I have truly felt the distance between here and the UK, I really wish I could just pop round to give them a hug and be there should they need any thing. but that's the choice we make when we make our home so far from the UK. that's all for now, we are currently filling out all the forms to apply for our permanent residency will update when we have any news please keep your fingers crossed for us.
sarah xx
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