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04 Oct 2008
Thanx thats cool you weren't rude at all you said hi bet u thought they were a bit friendly ha ha x
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02 Oct 2008
Well we have finally found a rental that allows pets it is a bit difficult but still well worth bringing your pets anyone thinking about it. Once our doggies get out of quarintine they are going to love it weve found a gorgeous park in ILUKA there is a lake in the middle so if they get a bit hot they can go for a dip ha ha! I cant wait to bring them home again i think they are starting to think they are in there forever.
We gave them a bath yesterday in quarintine they supply shampoo, hairdryers everything it was funny they didnt like it but they went nuts afterwards and then we wondered why we bathed them but they obviuosly felt better!
Anyhoo we are sooo excited we actually have somewhere to live and its where we wanted so thats fab!
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