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Long time no hear!
23 Feb 2009
Well hi everyone, havent updated my blog for sooo long! so thought id write a few notes!
The main reason being we have been struggling with the move to be honest and there has been lots of obstacles thrown at us and the last one was rather high to jump over!
We moved out to a lovely rental in The Vines, fab had a pool and everything we wanted, well..... Three weekends ago our ceiling collapsed, the whole ceiling everything trashing a lot of our furniture that we paid good money to bring over! We are currently going through the insurance battle and hopefully will be sorted soon?
So we have moved yet again back to the coast as i didnt feel safe in the house after that, that just brought it home to us how far away we are from our lovely family and how we really need them!
Its as though somebody is telling us to go back?
Anyone building a house make sure you keep close eye on the work coz what happened to our ceiling is shocking!!
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