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Learning to drive in OZ
20 Aug 2009
We had only been here a week and my daughter Jade wanted driving lessons for her birthday so we went to the Licence centre in Joondalup and she took her theory test there and then and passed with flying colours (you only need to get 20 questions out of 30 correct) Jade got 28 out of 30 correct!!

You are then given a piece of paper which is your learners permit with the receipt of your payment attached to it! We then went out and bought her some L plates.

She is currently taking one driving lesson a week which is $55 dollars a lesson and she drives around the streets in Butler with me every morning. Her instructor as told her she will have taken her test by Christmas time just in time to drive me and her dad to all them parties, however, she cannot drive without someone in the car who is sober for the first 6 months!!

We are keen for her to get up and running as quick as possible as you have to drive here as everything is so far apart.