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Nearly 10 months update !!
09 Feb 2010
Well we are all still loving our new life downunder, we have had tough times mainly with Garry work he has now been in work with same company 6 months and this is with a swimming pool company not brill money but heh it pays the bills.
The girls are so happy georgia has made some lovely friends at her school which is Comet Bay High school read bad reports on it but she is sooooo happy and think you get good and bad in all schools, Harriet just started kindy at Comet Bay and loves it !!!
Signed up for longer on rental got a very good landlord so sticking with it for a while.
We are been so lucky and made some very special friends which this was one thing i worried about but i am blessed to have made so good people, yes sure i meet some negative one but you just have to stay away from them some people are born to whinge !!!!!
All can say is we love it and have no regrets apart from wished id done it sooner !!! Good luck to all those still waiting xx
Jo xxx
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