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12 Sep 2010
Hi all
Havent posted for a while, time goes by very quickly when your having fun !!!
Well quick update Garry now has been working for Alinta Assist now for 4 mths finally in the job he is trained to do, its took time but getting there. we are still in are rental in Secret harbour and love it very much we have a fab landlord ino its dead money but its getting us to where we need to be and we love life how it is at the min, dont want to be stressed out with a massive mortgage repayments !!!
Taking it nice and slow and enjoying every minute of it, both girls still loving it and have made fab friends and both love school.
You plan what you are going to do when you arrive but sometimes you are dealt different cards and was very tough in the early stages but seems to be falling into place, would love my own home but repayments are massive compared to rent so just going to sit back and get saving, At the end of the day we all spent so much time, money, and effort into getting here we just need to embrace it and take a step back as like we all do we move the goal posts all the time and expect so much for ourselves !!!
I would like to finally say to all those who are here and for those still trying to get here its all worth it so much and it takes special people to do what we have done and we deserve all the happiness in the world !!!!
Good luck to those back in the UK still trying stick we it !!
Hyke-martins xx
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