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Last day at work
15 Jan 2009
Well I worked my last shift today, after telling myself I was fine about it all I went to pieces at the end of the day! A normal day, lots of people saying goodbye..OK till someone I really like said goodbye then the floodgates opened. Opened a few cards while on duty but then decided it was too much and would wait till I got home!..then they all came in the office about 20 of them, Sister gave a speech!..and I couldn't speak..Sister said it wasn't often I was lost for words! They gave me some aussie dollars (never seen them before!) and lots of cards. After I'd composed myself I went and said proper goodbyes to people. It was so painful I was crying in the car park! OMG what will I be like when I say goodbye to my family.

It's all getting a bit real now..No one can prepare you for the emotion of it all can they. 11 days to go ..aaarggh. Excited and devastated all at the same time.
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14 Jan 2009
It's Pete's last night shift tonight and my last shift tomorrow. Am slightly apprehensive about what they will have in store for me! One of my colleagues dropped a clanger and let on about the collection they had going for me..I guessed something was going on due to the whispering and suspicious conversations!
Not looking forward to the goodbyes..the first proper ones. Lets hope I don't cry...