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Slightly stressed.
21 Jan 2009
Monday 19th 2009
OMG, OMG, Aargghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I have got so much to think about and my brain hurts!
On top of the million and one phone calls I have made this morning to various people and the emails sent, letters posted, I also have family on my case about when we can meet, stuff to organise in the house for the shippers, 20 loads of washing to do (can't use it after today) an awkward 11 year old to contend with and a poorly 2 year old whinging on the sofa!!(thanks Dan-great timing)

I don't know which task to do first and keep flitting from one to another then forgetting the first one...
Tuesday 20th 2009
Had a rubbish day today-haven't got round to doing much, spent ages in the Drs getting rpt prescriptions etc. NOTE TO LADIES!! Don't tell the docs you're emigrating unless you have to- they are only allowed to give you 3 months supply of contraceptive pill! Gutted, normally get 6! However he did prescribe me 2 months supply of painkillers for my sciatica and Pete 3 months supply of his ulcer medication (god we're a healthy lot!) Asked for a summary of our recent medical history to take wtih us and got charged a tenner each for the privelege! Daniel has a chest infection/ear infection and eye infection! Can you believe it..he's normally very healthy. Praying he will be well by Monday poor thing.
Meant he couldn't enjoy the party at my Dads tonight so Pete took him home and let me stay with Courtney.
What do you do when your usually emotionally restricted Dad cries all over you and your husband! God these goodbyes are a real test. Oh well only 5 days to get through. It's the best friends goodbye tomorrow-that'll be fun........
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