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We have arrived!
08 Feb 2009
Well we've been here in perth now for around 10 days and so far we love it. Done lots of the boring stuff like TFN, got visa labels etc but absolutely loads more to do still. Every day we learn something new. We are up in Currambine at the mo-looking fora permanent rental maybe in Woodvale or Warwick areas.
Weather is lovely but a bit too hot to sit in during the hottest part of the day.
Hope to make some friends soon, my eldest Courtney is a bit unsettled as she really wants to start school and meet people.
I start work next week-been in to meet everyone-couldn't have been more welcoming if they tried (RPH)
All good-will tell you more when i have my own internet access-(PC on a ship and can't afford a laptop!)
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