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3 months in Perth
23 Apr 2009
Well it's now 3 months since we first arrived in Perth. Things have gone very smoothly, I have settled well into my new job as a nurse at the RPH. The kids are settled, both enjoying more time outside. Courtney loves her school, so far we have been very impressed with the educational system out here. No job as yet for Pete but he's working on that, hopefully something will come up soon.

We have been shopping and buying new things each week to spread the cost. The house is taking shape and looking really nice now. I LOVE IKEA!!. We bought loads of plants from the Quokka today from a very nice Australian man, absolute bargain 20 or more established plants some in glazed pots all for $19! The garden looks more 'lived in' now, I do like my plants.

We have found the Aussies to be a generally friendly, laid back and helpful bunch, the stereotypes are not far wrong. There is a more 'patriotic' feel to the country too.

Done some exploring this week as I am off work for a week, the Swan Valley is beautiful and very different to the coastal/city scenery. Very green and peaceful/pretty. Hope to go down to Mandurah this weekend for a look around.

We have done everything on a very tight budget and have bought either 2nd hand or cheap wouldn't know though and we are more than happy now with how the house looks.
Starting to get cooler now at night..even had to wear long trousers today for the first time, lol.

Must admit I hate these dark nights now that daylight saving has ended, seems wrong to not be sitting outside just after 6.

Overall things are going swimmingly, feel very content with life and optimistic for the future. Our families are all planning visits in the coming months so that's something to look forward to. My Aunt who I am very close to has also secured a job and will be flying out (house sale pending) in September to nurse at the RPH (same as me)
NO signs of homesickness...lets hope that it stays that way.
To all contemplating the move..If you do your research, are both equally up for the challenge and are prepared for hardwork/stress and have a firm job offer I would say you have little to lose and much to gain!
Good luck xx
Hillarys marina at sunset
Mullaloo beach
View into our back garden!
Our Aussie home
Daniel at Mullaloo
View over Mindarie beach
Me and Courtney at the Swan Bells
Sunset at Mullaloo
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