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Quality time....
08 Jun 2009
Well we've been living here in WA for over 4 months now. Things are still going really well...every day seems to bring new discoveries. My job continues to go well..unfortuntely the permanent sponsorship offered to us after 3 months is no longer available...cutbacks in the health dept...that's another story though. We are trying to decide whether or not to go for the 176 ourselves (will mean leaving the country when granted-added expense) or waiting it out and keep on asking for PR sponsorsip.

We seem to spend so much more time outdoors's now winter and we still go to the beach, parks on my days off...the kids are outside so much more-it's got to be a healthier way of life. Days off really are worth looking forward to. I can remember looking forward to days off in the UK then wasting them indoors because of the weather. If this is Perth winter-bring it on! Goes bloody chilly at night though..the woodburner is on most nights lately! Lovely.

No job for hubs as yet..a real problem for him getting work...I think maybe the 457 puts employers off...he's had 2 interviews but no luck. Next step is to get some Aussie certificates ie fork lift etc. Luckily we are managing on my wage but I don't want to work full time for ever and we need to have savings to fall back on. Till we get PR I have to be full time anyway so it's difficult for Pete to get work because of childcare-vicious circle. Hopefully by next Jan Daniel will be in Kindy and we may have PR. We have to ttalke the long term view.

It's my birthday tomorrow- we plan to have a barbie-forec
Mullaloo beach
Yanchep lagoon and beach
Pete and Dan at Yanchep
View from beach cafe- Yanchep beach
Fishing at Hillarys boat harbour
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