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New Y ear
06 Jan 2009
Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing your son experiance of settling, i remember reading before, you saying that your oldest took a little while to settle, im sure Jack will be the same but it will all turn good in the end. The next big thing is sell the house so fingers crossed there, i just have a feeling that this is our time to make it to oz this year, so now i just want to get the house sold and get going, i went to visit my mum and sisters in Hartlepool for christmas and told them what we are planning they were really sad but understand our reasons so i say lets get this show on the road lol take care and enjoy the sun keep in touch sandra
06 Jan 2009
Im really glad you had a great time in Perth i thought you would love it and it beats cold Bristol, it would be great to meet again for a coffee and look forward to reading your rekkie take care sandra
06 Jan 2009
Well we have had our visas 18 months now, done the rekkie last year and now we are ready to make the move this year if the house sells, my biggest worry is my 12 year old boy he has just started secondry school and really does not want to go he thinks he will never make new friends again ive tried to explain to him that he will make loads of mates but he just is not having it., just wondering if anyone has any tips with teenage kids and settling them in Australia.
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