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House for sale
21 Jun 2009
It's been a long time since i updated the blog, but we still haven't sold the bl**dy house. In fact we haven't had anybody look at it since Easter. So this weekend we have decided to drop the asking price by 15K. Hopefully this will get somebody to at least look at the house, but who knows. Will let you know if we get any interest or if miracles do happen & we sell the bl**dy thing!
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11 Jan 2009
Well after 18 months of shall we shall we not, we have finally put the house on the market and we feel ready now as a family to make the move to oz, the biggest thing now is we have got to sell, on the plus side houses in our area do still seem to be moving, a little slower than this time last year but they do seem to be going so who knows we may be lucky fingers crossed.We explained last night to the oldest 2 boys what will be happening, they have always knew that we may make the move to oz one day, but they both were a little upset about the family and freinds they will leave behind, but Mark and i both know this is the right move for us all as a family, and as much as it is hurting them now, we are doing the right thing. Mark is now off to his mums to tell her, i think ill give this one a miss.
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