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02 Apr 2009
Cheers Darren and Alison your right things cant be worse than the uk at the moment. Ive been thinking of you all and i hope things are a little better your end, the beers will definitely be chilled for you. take care sandra and mark
02 Apr 2009
Well i got back today and the estate agent has phoned and another person wants to view our house at 7pm tommorrow.I was feeling really excited about it all untill i went on the disscussion board and people where saying how bad the job market is in Perth and it all seemed to be electricians and that is what Mark does, so now i feel really nervous with it all again. We have tried to work our money around the fact that Mark might not work for about 4 months while he re trains and finds a job, but before we may have let the house go cheaper just to get there quicker im now thinking we may have to hang out for as close to the asking price as we can get, as that diffrence will keep us a float in Australia untill Mark finds a job if things are that bad.
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