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Long Service Leave
17 Nov 2008
I've been looking into Long Service Leave as Andy has now been in his job for nearly 8 years.

Once you have completed 10 years service with an employer you are entitled to take 8 weeks off work fully paid. 15 years service = 13 weeks off. You have to take the time off (in Victoria) you can't have it paid out. You can though arrange to take 1/2 pay to extend the amount of time off if your employer is willing. If you leave your employer anytime after 7 years you can get the LSL paid out.

So I am excitedly planning what we will be doing during Andy's 2 months off. Knowing my luck I will have returned to a more permanent work situation and won't be able to get time off. I know it's 2 years away but I think it's good to start saving and making sure we hoard our frequent flyer points. Might arrange to meet the inlaws in Canada/US, rather than go back to the UK. Need to travel somewhere new and different. That's my dream anyway! is the Victoria website. Each state will have it's own information site.