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07 Nov 2010
Hi Sharon,

Victoria is very compact and incredibly diverse so there's plenty to do for active children. You can place yourself to live within one hour of snow, one hour of the city and one hour of the beach. There's definitely plenty of events and activities on. The benefit of being a bigger city.
There's definitely plenty of choice. If you want to leave in a small town near the beach and are not concerned with commuting to the city, then there's plenty of towns near Geelong or Gippsland way. If you want a small village in green rolling hills you can find it. Big country towns, big city, small suburbs etc are all here. There's definitely the choice.
However, Melbourne's house prices are still rising. You can still get bargains it's just a matter of hunting for them. Beach suburbs are expensive. If you want to live near the beach, Geelong (a very big town) is an hour from Melbourne and on the coast. It has some great areas and smaller towns nearby that are worth considering as it is a lot cheaper than Melbourne.


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04 Nov 2010
You read it right. Today is ten years since our farewell party and what a topsy turvy, rollercoaster ten years it has been.

We arrived in Melbourne on 13th November 2000 and whilst I am Australian, I was completely unfamiliar with Melbourne (from Perth) and the only people I knew here were my family who had moved here just prior to me going to the UK.

The first week was a nightmare. Actually the first six months were damn awful. Struggled to get work with a slow job market and all the employers enjoying their summer holidays. Lloyds TSB stuffed up our bank transfer so we had only $3 to our name, whilst stuck in a family friends caravan on Phillip Island with only cold beans to eat whilst waiting for a coach to take us back to Melbourne.

Eventually we got jobs and everything slowly started falling in place. Andy is still at the same place. We got married, bought a house, had two children, got a degree and have travelled around Victoria, back to Perth and around south-west WA, NSW, New Zealand and only the once back to the UK (as a family).

Ten years on and we are completely immersed in life. Being involved in the community has helped big time. Relying on our jobs alone to make friends was never going to work, as Melbourne is a huge city and your colleagues can live over an hour or even two from where you live.

However, we are looking at a change. We are not 100% city people and are contemplating a move to either Tassie or back to WA. Life is for challenges and it will be incredibly difficult to leave all the fabulous friends we have made over these last 10 years.

Have we missed the UK. In a word no. However, this year it has been tested, when Andy's dad suddenly passed away. We were fortunate that we could get him on a flight the same day back to England. If you are ever in this situation, be assured that you can use your two days bereavement leave and your ten days carers leave (depending on your award) to cover your time away so that you don't have to use up annual leave.

I don't come on here very often any more, other than to research our possible move interstate. If you do have any questions, please ask.

On November 13th, ten years to the day we arrived, we are having a fancy dress party/BBQ with all our friends here. What a celebration it will be. Now just to convince Andy that dressing as Tony Abbott would be a great idea!

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