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Two months in
19 Nov 2009
We havent posted for a while but we have succesfully returned to Perth. I love it here and although its been a pretty rough few months it sems to be going well.
Kids are settling and I started my new job as a salesman at Wanneroo mitsubishi.
The first few weeks were really difficult and way to many things went wrong to even write about but were getting on track.
It was wird coming back as we thought second time around would be so much easier but it threw up all kinds of challenges and we havnt really had time to catch up with old friends.

Perth has changed in the few years that we were away. The freeway goes further and makes my commute a bit easier and marmion ave goes to yanchep which is weird and some of the suburbs seem to go on forever.
The beach area and road down at quinns is improving.
We'll keep you posted
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