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Getting nearer to Aussie dream
26 Oct 2008
Hi All,
We have been using this site for some time now and feels like we may finally manage to get to oz so have decided to start blog to chart progress.
If all goes to plan we will move out of our home on 31st oct to a rental house nearby. We stay there until early Jan - not decided date yet and then fly to perth to begin our australian adventure.
THose of you already there will know what we are going through - we are surrounded by boxes, marked A for australia and H for home. Trying to decide if i really want to pay to transport the stuff that has happily sat gathering dust in the attic for the last twenty years or will my life fall apart without my Cliff Richard singles!!!! Yes I was a fan but I was young and I know better now!) I have also discovered just how many items of clothing that our youngest daughter has that were 'really needed' yet still have the tags on clearly never worn!
We went to jobs expo in Leeds last week which was helpful for Neil and we are awaiting feedback from phone calls and Cv for him. I think I may wait till we get there and the girls are settled before starting a job.
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