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10 Feb 2009
Went to Woodvale High School today to enrole the girls today. dDidnt think we were going to be able to at first as she said we should have had an appointment - however i have been to the school twice and no mention was made of appointment. If you are enroling double check with the school. They did see us though and the whole process took best part of two hours.
Rachel- nickname Kitch, will be in yr9 and Laura is starting yr12. We expected to buy the uniform one day and go back next, however the staff said no buy the uniform - they can change in the shop and go to school that morning!
If any of you see us Wednesday morning at Woodvale please say hello - i will be the one dragging two reluctant teenagers to school! Neither have been to school since early December and arent looking forward to being up so early!!!
Hopefully they will make friends and settle better.

Kim,Neil and girls.
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