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One year in
13 Jan 2010
Well tomorrow we reach the one year milestone! Wow - where has this last year gone?
This has been THE most eventful year in all our lives - it has been great bue an emotional rollarcoaster ride.
Realised i havent updated this blog since august so theres some catching up to do. We have bought a house in Woodvale which is a great suburb, we have everything we need on our doorstep or a short drive away. We have been pleased with our choice of area and feel so much more settled in our own home. If we hadve been happier and treated better in the rental house we may not have bought when we did but dont regret it now. I am lucky to have a great job with Silverchain - community nursing and my round involves a lovely drive along the west coast highway - what a view! Neil has a job, not what he did in uk but its going ok.
Reading alot about comparisons of life here and uk - can only speak of own experience,having sold our house and paid off debt we only have morgage to pay so feel better off. Yes some things are dearer but you save on other things. Depends how you live your life.
How are the girls? Bringing teenagers here is hard and ideally be avoided, the younger they come the better but we couldnt so you make the best. Our eldest Laura is almost 18 and doesnt feel this is the place for her and so is going back to UK in March with her boyfriend Scott to pick up her studies there. She met her boyfriend in uk 4 months before we left ( just what i hoped wouldnt happen), they kept in touch and then Scott came out here on a temp visa a few months ago and has been living with us. I hope she will be happy but of course i hope she misses us too much and comes back! Youngest has had so many ups and downs - she misses her Uk friends so much but realises she is too young to go back but that doesnt stop her wanting to. At the same time she has made loads of great friends here and enjoys a pretty full social life. Hates school but that is a school thing not an austalia thing!
At first really missed the usual things that were familiar, longer shopping hours, British TV - over time you get used to this and now i dont miss them, instead of being able to shop when ever you plan better, Foxtel has some British Tv but i am not bothered by it now. Not as much variety of shops but we have some nice ones. Some shops sell some Uk products - expensive but nice for a treat, though i havent found prawn cocktail crisps anywhere - would love a packet of those! Was shocked to see Blackpool Rock here - never ate that in Blackpool when we lived there!!Why is that here??
On a negative side have been very disappointed by some companies that take advantage of the fact that you are new to Australia and just rip you off big time! our fingers have been burnt and now we only use personnal recomendations, its hard enough to negoiate stuff when you are unsure of things like pools and aircon without being taken for a ride! On the whole people go out of their way to be helpful - many people have been where you are and remember only too well. Hope we can be of help to anyone if they need it.
Missing friends and family is a big issue - you dont realise how this is gonna affect you.The internet is great and phoning is not as dear if you get a plan with your phone. When we had family in hospital - 3 one after the other was very aware of just how far away we are - that was hard.
We didnt know anyone here where we lived and was hard going places and there being so many strangers. I got the biggest thrill the first time i went somewhere and someone recognised me and called my name!! you have to experience it to get that one.
Making friends is the key to success here and we are so grateful to have been as lucky as we have been meeting the people that have shaped our lives here over this last year! We have probably drunk more since we moved here - I blame Mel and she will no doubt blame me - we have enjoyed ourselves! So thanks for this year, Mel and david, jane, Jo and Mike, Dean and cheryl - there are others but not on here so no point naming them.
We have enjoyed many of the free events that Perth has such as the Australia day, Concerts in the park, symphony in the city.
We plan to see more of Australia - havent as yet been anywhere outside of Perth - blame it on buying the house and a few DIY jobs that neede to be done.
Neil has become king of his BBQ and is gradually looking less British with his shorts and thongs! Christmas was weird being so warm but it doesnt seem as commericalised here and was good.
Good luck to those of you still in the Uk and hope that you Australian adventure starts soon. It is probably the most exciting, terrifying and emotional thing you will ever do. For some it desnt work out - but its a hell of an experience!
Really looking forward to whatever 2010 brings us - Bring it on!

Kim, Neil, Laura and Scott,and Kitch
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