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Two years on.............
06 Mar 2011
Its been ages since i last came on here - though i had better put an update.
We have been here just over two years now and feel really settled, loving life here in Perth, got some brilliant friends though we dont socialise as much as we should - our fault not theirs! We still live in Woodvale having bought a house which we are slowly gettng jobs done on. Eventually i would like to move to be within walking distance of the ocean! You really need to reserach closely the suburb you live in - what services etcs - we are lucky on a bus route, near the trains etc. because the taxi service here is a shabbles - totally un reliable in our experience so you need a car for most things.
We didnt get medical insurance when we first got here and that has been a costly mistake as Neil has needed more eye surgery and we have had to pay for that. Having said that the service recieved has been fantastic but we had a frustrating 6 months where he wasnt able to drive and i had to be everyones taxi service! Kitch has also had to have dental work - very expensive. Thankfully we got insurance last March so we are now covered for most things. You must have ambulance cover here - absolute essential - Kitch was ill at a friends last week and an ambulance was called - this would've cost us $700 had we not had cover!! thankfully she is ok as well.
Neil and i are still in our same jobs and happy there. I love my job at Silverchain - never grow tired of driving along the west coast highwya looking at the beautiful ocean. i would however like to drop to 4 days but there always seems to be somthing we need money for so i carry on!
Kitch who is 15 didn't settle at school at all and ended up going to Tafe instead and this has been the best thing for her. She has been unwell and missed so much schooling and it just wasnt the right place for her. she completed a cert 11 in buisness and is currently doing cert111 in Radio Broadc
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