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05 Jul 2009
Thanks- Broome pics will be put on the blog ASAP on return.
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03 Jul 2009
Thanks for your comments/support everybody.

Ange- Wendy Singleton is on the Barker ward chuck.

02 Jul 2009
Well, it's one year since we arrived in Perth Australia , the time seems to have gone quickly. Much more I could write but suffice to say we haven't done too badly in year one, though we are a million miles from where we want to be in terms of progression.
We managed to establish ourselves early on arrival due to friends help, but they have now chosen to disappear.I thought you had to give this place at least two years to experience the highs and the lows and progress from the bottom again,I still thinks thats the case.The jury is still out asto whether we will be successful/happy here,would I do it again? I'm not sure,maybe theres something to be be said for family,friends and the comfort zone. So, the good and not so good -

Good - Hit the ground running on arrival with rental sewn up, Wendy offered a job on first interview and now recently promoted to clinical, nurse,our son's leisure activities have been enhanced,the weather, beaches and environment are great.Seems a better society to live in overall.

Not so good - Sold UK house at 19 %loss on original price,still stuck in the rental trap for now because of poor exchange rate, Liams education academically has gone backwards,plus he has no real friends as such.We have limited real friends, ex-pats and aussies are so fickle. Housing is way overpriced for what you get, food is expensive, difficult for me to find part time work with nursing roster, Secret Harbour is a nice suburb but a bit 'sleepy'. You can feel the aussies don't really like the poms.I miss my mates,socializing with my mates, having enough money in my pocket to really enjoy myself.
I will mention the Mandurah social group I attend weekly , they are genuinely friendly.

I think maybe we only try to remember the things we missed in UK, rather than all those reasons we left. Australia is not beaches/kangaroos/barbies/sydney opera house images, it's 80 % real life in another part of the world that happens to be a lot sunnier.
Off to Broome soon, so hopefully a tonic. I would like to see every major city in Australia in time.

Let's see what year 2 reports.. hopefully bigger steps forwards and a happier position !!
We came here mostly for a better long term future for our son,i just hope this is proven right in his later life.

Right now, i'm concerned iv'e thrown away his top OFSTED rated UK christian primary school.

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