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Land Bought -Secret Harbour
01 Jan 2010
Yeah, you appear to have been fortunate from reading your postings.
No use having Gillard memorial buildings, what's needed is a national curriculum and 'professional ' teachers.

I'd rather go back to Uk than put my boy in Comet Bay High/ Secret Harbour....fights, kids walking ouut all th time- shambles.
28 Dec 2009
Hi Marshy

I'm aware, yes...but just TOO laid back instate primary, a more disciplined environment required for Liam.

Just doing my best, if im'm wrong, i'm wrong.

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23 Dec 2009
Not maintained the blog for a while.
Yes, we bought some land in Secret Harbour, had a tip off about it from a friend, 30k cheaper than the norm for 610 s/m block. Wanted established really, but property prices just getting silly, plus stamp duty , plus renovations, so may as well build it from ruddy scratch. I know it's a tortuous rollercoaster, but i'm good at project management type things. So , hopefully at the back end of 2010 the damned thing will be built.
Looked at Hall's Head,Lakelands and Meadow Springs, but with Liam going to Maranatha Christian school in Waikiki had to stay in same town really, education paramount, Liam would have suffered if remaining in S Harbour primary, nice school, pink and fluffy, but no real attention to the basics of learning ie reading,writing and arithmatic !!!, as confirmed in OECD reports. Plunkett the builder,pre start early in the new year...buckle the seatbelts !!
Land- Secret Harbour 1
Land- Secret Harbour 2
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