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Our Baby is Back Home
24 Nov 2008
It's so long since we posted anything on our blog, probably because there has been little of interest to post. That's all changed as our youngest daughter (Bee of meandbee) has come home for a short holiday without her family. I think it has done her the world of good since she was feeling a bit homesick but is now in a good position to see that some of the things she has been pining for don't really exist. Hopefully she will get her fill of Primark, Tesco, TKMaxx and River Island over the next week and will go home laden but happy. I think it's fair to say that things are at a low point in this country and people are generally feeling uneasy and worried about the future and she has felt that while being here.

We are still waiting for a case officer and it's now over a year since our application was acknowledged. From reading posts on other emigration websites if you didn't apply by mid October last year then there will be no visa until the next tranche in July 2009. We missed the boat by about 4 weeks, all the more gauling since we sat on our application for some time before submitting it. We expect to have a case officer early 2009 now. We are visiting Perth in February and with a bit of luck will have our medicals done there. This was supposed to be a surprise for our eldest daughter. She reaches the big 40 then and we thought how lovely it would be to surprise her. I might have known that I couldn't do it and it was me who managed to let the cat out of the bag inadvertently whilst talking to her on the webcam and there was nowhere to hide!

In the meantime we should be starting to clear 20+ years of accumulation in this house but can't get motivated somehow. Boot sales just lose their appeal at this time of the year. We have decorated the sitting room in the obligatory neutral colours though and the hall and stairs is next.

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