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Back in Perth
26 Feb 2009
It's great to be back. I think the flight from London gets longer each time and by the time we get off I could do with trading my backside in for a newer model. The moment we touch down in Australia is always emotional and I could easily do a Pope if I thought there was the remotest chance of being able to get back up again. We are great fans of Border Security and know better than to try and smuggle so much as a toffee past immi. This time we got to tick 2 boxes on the landing card, we were bringing in biscuits, Mugs shots for Bee, a set of chefs knives for Tony's birthday and horror of horrors, prescription drugs. Apparently we should have brought our prescription with us as our Simvastatin and Ritalin could be used to concoct something more sinister (only joking about the statins etc but there are some script drugs that are banned here). Common sense prevailed thank goodness and we were allowed through with everything intact. Seeing everyone again, particularly our beautiful grandchildren who have all grown like weeds, was fantastic. Emerging from the airconditioned comfort of the airport was like walking into a hot oven. More later...........