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We have a Case Officer
26 Feb 2009
How could I forget! Last Saturday Bee was webcamming with Georgie who's minding the house back home. Georgie said that we had a letter from Immi. We asked her to open it, well, after 15 months and a few days we have a case officer with the most glorious name which I had better not leave here. We have waited so long that now it has happened I find that I have the most awful case of cold feet. It quite put a dampener on my mood for a few days (my girls would say that it doesn't take much to do that!). It's just such a huge amount of money that we have to part with and all I can think about is what if we don't like it, what if we can't manage on our retirement income, how will we feel about selling the family home that we have lived in for 20+ years, how will we dispose of 20+ years of c**p, will we be able to afford a home here. My head is a whirl with it all.
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