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25 Apr 2009
Well yesterday was a bit of an epic. Had the medicals, and I have to say I have been dreading it as my BMI is not what it should be plus a few other odds and ends that have cropped up in the last year. We had booked to go to Pinehills in Hitchin and it would seem that dementia is setting in as we managed to arrive at our appointment without half of the paperwork. Trouble is we had completed it so long ago that we had forgotten and I had had the worst few days at work imaginable so I didn't have my home brain working at all. I had dashed straight from work where I'd had an interview with the police over a workplace incident so that's my excuse. The doctor looked as if he was sucking on a bucket of lemons as we discovered our mistake and had to promptly dash off to Sainsburys for new passport photos. God knows what it did to my blood pressure. I was horrified to discover that I had to strip off on top, I still don't know why to be honest. Doc told me that I could put part back on so replaced bra and lay back on couch. He then made a rather startled noise as he got the full benefit of my carefully chosen and well-filled TK Maxx wonderbra and told me I could put my t-shirt back on as he hastily backed out of the curtains. This was not going well was all I could think. Oh, I was then shouted at by the nurse measuring my height as I didn't understand her instruction and didn't move fast enough for her liking. Still she measured me in my sandals which made me 5'5' and thus the bmi was better than it actually is. At the end of all that and as we parted with a few more
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