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Counting the Days
25 Oct 2010
I can't believe it is so long since I added any news to our blog. So much has happened in the interim so there is lots to tell. We needed to validate our visa in April this year and booked our flights accordingly, then came the volcano and we were stuck at home for a further 11 days and missed our deadline. I emailed the manager of the office in Perth and she kindly arranged an extension for us. This did mean that we had a rather embarrassing reception committee at immigration when we finally did arrive.

After a tentative go at selling our house in 2009 we finally went for it properly in June 2010. We had 3 viewings within the first 12 days, one was a total time waster and number 2 put in an offer which we accepted. Number 2 then pulled out but they were followed by number 3 who also offered and after a lot of tooing and froing we finally exchanged contracts and completed on September 23rd. What a drawn out process it all was, at times I just wanted to pull my hair out but we got there in the end. We opted to use PSS for our shipping after getting three quotes in total, John Mason, Dorree Bonner and PSS. PSS were not the cheapest, John Mason had that honour, but the difference in the total cubic footage was quite significant with John Mason coming in the least and Dorree Bonner the most. We couldn't pin down a cost for any extra cubic footage over the estimate from John Mason so for that reason opted for PSS who were very clear what the additional costs would be. In the event Dorree Bonner would have been the most accurate but PSS were still cheaper. We didn't use their insurance, we chose a company called Insure Your Move, I hope we don't need them.

I have to say that we couldn't fault PSS, their packers were excellent and very keen, too keen as I discovered too my cost when I realised that my handbag was gone! I very sheepishly had to ask them to unpack a box to find it. Also en-route to Perth is a Victorian pine fire surround which I had listed on EBay which thankfully hadn't sold. I was ambling through the conservatory when I saw this beautifully wrapped package marked fire surround and after the handbag incident didn't quite feel I could intervene (chicken). It took 2 1/2 days in all and we had about 12 foot to go in a 40 foot container. I had a huge lump in my throat when the container went off down the road. I have been tracking it on line and it's now in bandit country so is not reporting its position at the moment. It's on its way to Reunion at the moment. Our grandson did a French exchange there back in June for a month.

We have booked our one way flight to Perth on 28th November so just 5 weeks today to go. I finish work in 3 weeks time and we will spend a week saying goodbye to the rellies in Cornwall. We can't wait to arrive in Perth and get on with our new lives. It's been a pretty stressful few months. Our beautiful middle daughter gave birth to a stillborn daughter in September which just brought it home to us why we had spent what amounts to a small fortune to be closer to our children and grandchildren. So onwards and upwards.
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