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5 weeks to go
07 Dec 2008
Well in 5 weeks time we will be on our way to heathrow. I can't believe how quickly it is coming round. We are starting to sort our stuff our in our rented flat, packing what clothes we can etc. What with Xmas fast approaching, I am sure there won't be enough time! The kids are finishing school in two weeks, and I finish work same day. We have already done a couple of goodbyes - One of Geoffs cousins who can't make our party. We haven't seem her for a few years but have kept in touch by email and phone. I had a bit of a lump in my throat so god knows what I will be like saying bye to my close friends and family. The kids finished their swimming lessons on Friday and we all got big hugs from the teachers there. Daisy finishes Rainbows on Wednesday and they are having an Australian xmaas theme, lots of BBQ stuff, vegemite sarnies and tim tams. We have been invited along to watch her farewell parade. I think I may need some tissues!!!

I sat and watched a programme last night with Billy Connolly in Australia, never watched him on tv as he isn't my kind of comedian, but he was in Perth and he went swimming with dolphins at Rockingham nad up to the Pinnacles. I was sat pinching myself thinking that is going to be my home soon and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
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