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Job Hunting
12 Mar 2009
well after sending off what seems about 100 resumes (but probably only about 25) Geoff has two interviews lined up. One tomorrow with a recruitment agency who could have a job for him and another on monday with marine company in Henderson. Fingers crossed that one of them comes up trumps. I think he would prefer the marine company as that is what he has done for the past 12 years and enjoys although the trek to Henderson every day will be a killer for him.

Keeping everything crossed that by this time next week he has a job!!
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09 Mar 2009
Geoff now has his A licence and also got his Blue Card so now he is job hunting in earnest. I hope something comes up for him soon as I am sure he will feel much happier once he is working. He still has his up and down days but we had a lovely weekend and did loads of stuff, went to Hillarys to watch the film on the floating cinema on Friday, watched the sunset at Mullaloo on Saturday and then to beer food and wine festival at Mindarie on sunday.
What does get me with job hunting though is people don't even bother to reply to say no sorry, you weren't successful.
Keeping fingers crossed it will all come good in the end.
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