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7 months in
11 Aug 2009
Well we have now been here for 7 months and I thought I would update my blog as it has been ages since I wrote on here. The past few months have been manic as I am no longer a lady of leisure and working full time at the pathology department at Charlie Gairdners in Nedlands. The job is okay but it is shift work and a bit of a trek each day so I am looking to find something closer to home. But it is better than nothing and helps with the bills!
Geoff is still homesick and has his ups and downs which I find hard to deal with as I love it here so much. Ollie and Daisy are still enjoying it but Ollie is missing his friends and family more in the UK. We are about to move into another rental as our landlord is selling up. we are hoping to build and are just waiting for the finance to be approved. We have put a hold on block in Banksia Grove - yes I know, its not the ideal location but we want to stay in this area and thats the only place with land available!! The kids are still doing well at school and Ollie had a great school report which was a welcome relief as he was never a model student in the UK. Daisy has also been nominated for Aussie of the Month at her school this month which we are very proud of - she has been chosen out of 800 students!
We are looking forward to the better weather so that we can get out on our Kayaks again and hopefully it will get Geoff in better spirits.
It certainly has not been easy and there have been lots of ups and downs. But we have made some very good friends which has made all the difference.
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