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First brush with hospitals!
27 Nov 2009
Well Geoff had his first experience of Aussie hospitals this week and must say we were very impressed.
He managed to almost cut his finger off yesterday after falling down the stairs at work and catching his wedding ring on a pole! One of his workmates took him to A & E at Freo and he was seen within five minutes. Once they had stopped the bleeding they had to cut off his wedding ring. He was given tetanus, antibiotics and pain killers and kept in over night. He was moved onto a ward after a couple of hours as they wanted to keep him in as they were going to operate on his finger today as they thought he had severed a tendon but it seems that the damage is minimal so they decided to leave it and was sent home, armed with bandages, sterilised scissors antibiotics etc etc. Can not fault the hospital, all very professional and the nurse that looked after him in ED went up to see if he was okay before she finished her shift.
Compared to our experiences in the UK, Australia wins hands down. We laughed as we said he would have had to wait for a couple of hours in ED in the UK and probably asked not to bleed too much on the floor!!!
So thanks to all the staff at Freo Hospital, another tick for Australia!!
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