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14 May 2009
I can't believe we've been back a month. We've got to put the rekkie report on at some stage. I thought I'd just write a few lines to let everyone know how we went on.

Well believe it or not..... We loved it. And by we I mean all of us including our beloved daughter, Kate! It's difficult to know where to start. I know it's usually at the beginning. Being a typical Brit that's talk about the weather. It was quite simply glorious. The sun shone, the sky was the most amazing blue and the wind refreshing. The beaches were stunning, clean with soft white sand and blue sea, not grey like Skeggy! The districts, we stayed at Edgewater and Mandurah, were clean and mostly modern. We would recommend Seashells in Mandurah. Our apartment was modern and well furnished. The location was beautiful. Kate loved the pool and tennis court. The shopping centres again were clean and modern with helpful assistants. Food prices almost on a par with England, but we kept converting back the
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11 Apr 2009
Even doing the ironing doesn't seem such a chore when your outlook is the ocean!
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08 Apr 2009
Just a quickie.

For all those of you going through the visa process thinking 'is this worth the effort?' Believe me it is! Amazing.

We'll do a full rekkie report when we get back.
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20 Mar 2009
Aussiemeet in Joondalup on Sunday. We'd love to meet everyone up there but we don't pick our rental car up until Monday, a day too late!!!

Is Joondalup easy to get to using public transport?
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20 Mar 2009
We're here. Yippieeeee. We arrived today and are really glad we're finally here.

Stopping in Perth city until the Monday 23rd. The we're going to Joondalup for 11 days then onto Mandarah for 11 days.

So anyone who would like to meet up we'd love to hear from you.

Our email address for now is

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11 Mar 2009
One more week to go. I can't believe we're almost going. Really can't wait now. I've got three more days to work, I only work Weds, Thurs and Fri. So the weekend will be here in a flash.

My suitcase is packed! So I'm ready... Kate's stuff is in piles. And... Wait for it....Damon even went shopping at the weekend for new clothes. Miracles do happen. I haven't packed Damon's stuff yet as he likes to get his lists out and double, treble check it's all there. Unlike me who justs throws it all in and thinks if I haven't got it I'll buy it when I get there.

I'm sooo excited I just can't hide it.

See you on the other side.

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05 Mar 2009
Two weeks before we fly out to Perth. We're so excited. Damon is counting the sleeps!! I thought that was Kate's job. Well you know what they say about men never growing up. Mick and Maxine are taking us to the airport. They are due to fly out to Perth in Sept. They have decided not to do a rekkie. Before we booked our flights they tried to persuade us not to do the rekkie and all fly out together. But I'm not that brave. And Damon alias Peter Pan would never ask me to do anything I felt the slightest uncomfortable. He's my hero. But don't let him know.

We're all really looking forward to the adventure. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Damon and Kate. He has been working so hard recently. Damon is a hard worker who is determined to give his family a decent lifestyle. It will be lovely just to see him.

I know that when we land in Perth he will feel like he's home. I hope Kate and I feel the same. I want to share his love of Australia and for us to be united in our decision to up sticks and move permanently.

How many more sleeps??? Too many!!!

27 Feb 2009
We have managed to secure a booking for the last part of our rekkie, 3rd - 14th April, at Seashells in Mandurah. We had this recommended by Keeley and a few others. So we were really disappointed yesterday when we couldn't get in. But after much web searching we have been fortunate to get in. I'm soooo pleased.

Just got to book our first four nights stay in the city and a hire car with sat nav. Oh and sort out what we're bringing! Damon and I will be no problem but our beloved Kate will want to bring everything bar the kitchen sink. Mind you if I looked as good as she does I'm might be of the same mind. Alas everything heads south after 40. Well it has for me. Still not to worry life's too short.

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20 Feb 2009
Just confirmed our accommodation for the first half of our rekkie. We land in Perth on the 19th Mar and we're going to stay in the city for the first few days. On the 23rd until the 3rd Apr we've booked a house in Joondalup. So anyone wanting to take kindly to three Billy-no-mates let us know....

02 Feb 2009
We've booked our flights with Emirates. We fly out on March 18th for a month to validate our visas. So we'd love to arrange to meet up with anyone who is willing. Exciting.... Damon's on cloud nine. Even Kate's getting into it!
Boxing Day with my sisters', Belinda and Michelle
At my sister's
New Year's Day at my mum and dad's
New Years Day
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24 Jan 2009
We have been searching for flights to fit in with the Easter holidays. But they seem like they are being snapped up. So looks like we'll be leaving here on 18th March and returning 15th April. So a few days earlier than we would have liked.

We are definately booking the flights tomorrow. Then it's onto the accomodation and car hire.

We thought we would like to stay in a house with a swimming pool and no spiders. This would enable us to invite folks around for a meal, etc. We want to show Kate the great Ozzy lifestyle. We would love her to make new friends and have a fantastic time. Soooo fantastic that she'd want to live there!

I have two sisters and one brother and although we used to fight all the time I wouldn't change them for all the world. It must be really naff being an only one. This does worry me. She wants to bring her best mate Astral along with us. Astral's game! I asked her if she'd miss her mum and dad. Her reply was 'a little but I still want to come'! Pat and Laura, Astral's parent, have been entering competitions trying to win an Ozzy holiday. Wouldn't it be super if they won. Kate and Astral's dreams would be ful-filled, if only for a month. How am I going to tear her away from her best mate? They adore each other. They do everything together. They've been in the same class since they were four and a half. They attend all their dancing and cheerleading lessons together. They even call themselves sisters. Do you think Pat and Laura would notice if we pinched her?

I know there will be some broken hearts along this journey. And without a doubt one of them will most certainly be mine.

Thanks for listening.

Nighty, night.
Astral and Kate Dec 2008
Kate and Astral 2005-2006.
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13 Jan 2009
My leave has been approved so now we can get down to booking the flights etc for our rekkie. Any top tips will be greatly appreciated.

10 Jan 2009
I've passed my exam. I'm now qualified in Advanced Business Area of Oracle. I'm totally amazed and sooooo relieved this week is over.
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09 Jan 2009
Well We're trying to sort out our leave. Damon has his cleared for March/April. I am waiting to hear if mine will be approved! I will hopefully find out tomorrow. If it is approved then we are booking the flights before anyone can change their minds.

Our dearly beloved Kate has told my mum-in-law that we're off to Oz for a month and she's, that's Kate, is staying with her. Damon just says 'Great we can go for six weeks then'. Obviously dividing Kate's four weeks by two, Damon and me. I think he's only joking! We've got to get her to Oz and then convince her she wants to live there in four weeks. And that's if we get her on the plane. I have a cunning plan - I'll tell her we're off to Florida again. She'll board the plane and once we're in flight I'll produce a koala from the Build a bear workshop and say 'Guess where we're really going'. Yes, fantastic idea.

Please can someone be her buddy. She loves dancing, cheerleading, swimming and is a beautiful person.

I'm off to bed before I get arrested for premeditation kidnap. I'm not even sure if that's a real offence. I've been on a course all week and I'm now convinced my head's gone.

Oh not only am I being told if I take my leave When my husband can, I have to sit an exam on Advanced Business Areas tomorrow am. And I can't remember any of it.

Night, night All.
Bev xXx
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