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13 Jan 2010
Happy New Year Aussiemovers.

Well we haven't posted anything on here in a long time. But we look most days to see what everyone is up to.

We're still in the UK waiting for Kate to finish Year 6. We would love to be in Perth by September 2010 but our old Cocker Spaniel, Jet, whose 14 next week is still with us. Until she goes to Doggie Heaven we'll be staying put. We can't leave her behind she's our baby.

We'd love to be out in Perth where we can fulfil our dream and start living the Ozzie lifestyle. Patience is virtue I'm told.....

We've been trying to get the loft organised this week. We are now the very proud owners of the Tidiest Loft in the UK!

We still can't decide whether to sell or rent our house. Such a difficult decision. Any top tips would be greatly appreciated.

For all of you who are still awaiting the Golden Ticket hang in there it will be worth the wait.

Bev, Damon and Kate. xXx
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