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Tick, Tock
02 Nov 2010
Hi All,

Well the clock is definitely ticking. We've got about ten weeks before we leave the shores of Blighty and start our new life down under.

We're looking at coming out early to mid January. We want to get Kate settled before starting school. If I'm honest I think this will take a little longer than a couple of weeks! She doesn't want to leave home and everything she knows and loves. It looks more and more likely that I will be bringing Kate out on my own. Jet alias Duracell is still going strong! So Damon will remain in the UK until she passes onto doggie heaven. We were hoping that Damon's mum would take pity on us and offer to take over the care of our beloved little dog. But Damon's dad, Roy, has Parkinson's and dementia, his dementia seems to be getting steadily worse. He's currently in hospital. The thought of leaving his parents is causing Damon such a guilt trip. So in all fairness we wouldn't ask them to have Jet. Da's mum, Mu, has got more than enough on her plate. However, once the house sale goes through we have no where to live so Da will probably be moving back to his parents with Jet in toe! He'll love being pampered so much so that he probably won't tell me when Jet goes!!! Our flights aren't booked yet but we'll most probably use Emirates as they fly out of Birmingham. If I'm truly honest I don't want to embark this adventure without Damon but as ever needs must.

We're going use Pickfords as our shipping agent. The chap, Martin, who came out to quote has been so incredibly patient with us and a source of useful information. I'm taking my car with us, it's nothing flash just a little Mazda 3, 56 Plate. But I've had it from new and love it. And it's one less hassle I'll have when we get out. I know there's loop holes to jump through when importing a car but without Damon with me I'd end up buying a heap of scrap metal. So I'm definitely taking the car I know and love.

Ideally for us the house will complete straight after Christmas. I do love Christmas. Damon can't see what the big deal is. But it would be lovely just to have one more in our own home as we don't know how long we'll be renting before we take the plunge to buy. And the exchange is terrible. So who knows when we'll own our own home again.

What else?

Do we have a leaving party? Another difficult one as Damon might not be leaving!!! Just yet.....

What should I pack in our suitcases? It could be a while before our container is unpacked. What couldn't I live without? Definitely some of my precious photos and as a true Brit my M&S knickers. Suggestions very much appreciated.

What about jobs? Does anyone need someone to help out in an office? I've been working with Derbyshire Constabulary for almost four years as a Systems Administrator specialising in Human Resources working on supporting live and testing new software. I'm honest, reliable and hardworking, oh and daft as a brush. So if the qualities listed are what you're looking for in an employee than I'm your man, so to speak.

What stage of the rollercoaster is this?

Hope to hear from you soon,
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