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New School Year
02 Feb 2009
Thanks Keely. It was so nice today to spend some time with just Ashton....he is so different when the others arent one to take his toys off him lol. I'm glad chloe and ollie are enjoying school....and that you are getting to have some time to yourself now...we all need that. xx
02 Feb 2009
Well today i decided to start writing on my blog again as i had not really bothered with it in ages.

Josh started year 2 today at school and ella started kindy so i had a very lovely day with ashton. no fighting...............bliss!!!!!
They were both very excited to start back today and went with all their books and pens etc filling their bags. I picked them up thinking they would be full of what they had been doing all day but instead i had 2 very teary,over tired children. They did however enjoy their first day and both have lovely teachers.

Fingers crossed they get used to being back at school and settle down very soon.
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