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New Blog05 Oct 2008
New Blog
05 Oct 2008
Hi Sharron
We are heading for Melbourne, I have family there so will hopefully make things easier to have some support. You seem to have settled really well looking at profile, am worried about Katie(7) as so close to both sets of grandparents am hoping she will be fine as she is such an outgoing girl.
Thanks for positive comments Cath
05 Oct 2008
Well i have been reading all the blogs for quite some time now so feel like I know all the bloggers pretty well and about time I kept a record of our own.
We are working towards moving in jan 09 time for the new school year for Katie.
Had no luck with house sale so it is now being rented out we have had to remortgage to finance our move but that has been a nighmare with the house prices going down they undervalue houses now so the mortgage we wanted was not available and the bank put us on a higher rate! Once we get the money will book the flights.
Been an emotional rollercoaster for us recently, makes it so much harder living with mum and dad- gonna miss them so much.
Still trying to save for oz but with a new baby all I seem to do is spend!!
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