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Cant believe 4 weeks passed!
13 Nov 2008
Well all go this side,where has time gone, container leaves 28th November so just over 2 weeks to get packed up, we are D-I-Y approach so lots of fun. All the decisions to make, will we need it in the next 6 weeks etc!
Loads of tears past few weeks I cant look at my mum without crying and guilt tearing me apart- I have booked a surprise trip for her to visit in May as she dropped a comment about not seeing Keaton first Birthday so am feeling alot more relaxed although its killing me that I cant tell her what I have done till xmas day as normally tell her everything.
Have not visited inlaws in last month as always get daggers and we will never see them again stories-coming from people who did not visit me in hospital when had their grandchildren and have never come to our house(we live 5 mins away!) to visit there grandchildren.
Also have decided to buy most of our white goods in oz as will have guarantee was going to stock up here but prices seem pretty similar.
Got 1.6% rate for container insurance if anyone knows of better let me know am still haggling!
Booked car hire for 3 weeks Intermediate/family car cost
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