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Only 2 weeks till we leave
19 Dec 2008
Hi Gills
Thanks for the advice done an online quote, think I will wait till xmas day over then we will know how much extra we have at the moment just guessing- but prob under guessing!
Everyone keeps giving pressies for kids even though I told everyone not to buy- Katie came home with 6 presents from 1 girl in school today!! If it keeps up noway will I get to the sales!
Merry Christmas
18 Dec 2008
How does time creep up on us so quickly, today my phone has been none stop with people wanting to meet up before we go there just aint enough days left!
Phoned Quantas today to see if they would increase baggage but no luck only allowed 20kg each for Errol, katie and I and 10kg for Keaton Plus a collapsable stroller. Anyone know of any good excess baggage companies??
Worked out a schedule of things we need to do before we go busy every day, cant wait to get over and get a break or maybe not as first few weeks Im sure will be hectic.
Said goodbye to some friends yesterday they were all in tears, I just dont think its hit me yet, they are my best friends and I was saying Ill see you soon- maybe just me seem to block out as rubbish at Goodbyes.
Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas
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