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2 days to go.
29 Dec 2008
Well sods law would have it that I have been ill with a flu viral since Friday, been on the internet since 3am not sure if its the excitment or feeling rotten thats keeping me awake, driving myself crazy that I cant sleep.
Christmas went well, Katie got spoilt with lots of small presents and she was very understanding about the empty boxes!
Been packing suitcases for last 3 days- 2 weight 25kg have 1 more to pack plus handluggage hope they are forgiving with the weight as will prob be over by 20kg!
Katie had her party last weekend she had a great time, her cousins stayed overnight she was that excited forgot to say goodbye to everyone.
Happy New Year to Everyone, I will be in the sky when the clock strikes in UK. Wishing everyone a fabulous New Year.
Oh well only 1 hour till docs open.
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