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We Have Arrived
07 Jan 2009
Hi Barb
Was at westfield the day we arrived lovely and new, sounds great to meet up. This week been pretty hectic sorting out medicare, jobs and rentals.
We have decided against Mill Park Lakes now as supposed to not be a very good school-supposed to be an open learning system where all kids learn together of all ages! Ill Pm you my mobile and yes the aol email still up and running. Bundoora park is lovely too. Katie has swimming today and then we have an appointment with job agency.
Cant wait to catch up
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05 Jan 2009
Hi Barb, yeah we have set Katie up at the YMCA Mill Park alot easier than I thought she has an assessment on wednesday and then will put her into a group back home it took me 2years to get her a slot! been out in Mill Park Lakes area all day today to try and suss it out and find a rental. Have to go into the city tomorrow to register with medicare and show id to bank.
Then we need to worry about jobs, Errol has been offered some temp work through family but would really like a perm job to get settled, its all about networking Im told!
What a lovely day we had today, cant believe im finally here.
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04 Jan 2009
Well got here on friday at 6am after a very long flight. We arrived in Dublin with 4 suitcases about 30kg over but got a very nice lady who put it all straight through think she saw us all blubbing and took pity on us!
Goodbyes are never easy and being so close to my family made it hard, it was very upsetting but we got through it and its not forever, will prob chat more being on the otherside of the world than we ever did.
Left Frankfurt at 11.30pm seen all the fireworks go up over Europe which was amazing view, just a pity that we had a 22 hour flight ahead of us. 2 kids coped very well as they always do, Errol caught my infection on way over and I coughed the whole time!
Arrived in Melbourne to all our family waiting which was a lovely end to a hectic few days. Have since picked up car, looked at a few areas, checked out the local shops real estate, registered katie for swimming lessons- with such fab weather really finding things very relaxed, yes next year will be hard but what a fantastic country we now live in we are very lucky to have this opportunity and I intent to love every minute!
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