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24 Nov 2008
Well we hadn't heard anything so we thought we would give immigration a call today.

The main reason for calling was to let them know that we had managed to get a certified copy of Steves marriage certificate. They have the decree absolut but they ask for the marriage cert too and because it has to be surrendered when you go for a divorce neither Steve or Carolyn (the ex) had it.

Anyway the guy looked up our case on the system and said that our case officer was not waiting on it and that our application was complete but we could ring tomorrow and speak to her directly.

So thats what we are going to do....

Good news though is that she has obviously gone through our application and entered everything onto the system.....Steve got the impression that we may get some good news from the postie tomorrow....fingers crossed xx

If nothing else then a phonecall might give her a nudge to just grant it then and there!!!

Isn't waiting awful?

Steve and Jackie
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19 Nov 2008
Well its now Wednesday and still no post

Should have had the acknowledgement letter by now saying they had received the application

Oh well....maybe tomorrow......or maybe the immi officer was being unrealistic saying that we should get the visa granted within a couple of days!

Fingers are now cramped from being crossed for so long hehehe

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17 Nov 2008
Well it didn't arrive on Saturday but that was being very optimistic I am waiting with baited breath for the post today....its still optimistic but you never know :)

14 Nov 2008
Well we went and submitted our application for the ENS and we got a bit of a surprise.

Because the application is complete she stamped it as 'decision ready' and said we may even get it approved today!!

So we will probably hear something early next week!! How fab eh?

We expected to get into a huge queue and not hear anything for months but there you go....apparantly there is a huge push on at the moment and case officers have a quota they have to reach each week. So in order to get her numbers up then our case officer might grant it today.

We are pleased

Jackie and Steve
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