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I got the job!!!!
13 Jan 2009
Thanks for your comments

Fi&Pete - yes its a post grad course similar to what they do in the UK. Until very recently there wasn't direct entry midwifery here and you had to do a nursing course first. Even midwives from overseas either had to be nurses first or they had to register in another state and then apply to WA for mutual recognition.
It was so behind the times....things are improving.
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13 Jan 2009
Woooo hooooo

2009 has started well. We have made some great new friends (fab bbq at weekend) who have lovely children and...

I got the midwifery job!!!!!

I will be working at St John of God in Murdoch and I start on Feb 16th. The course runs for a year and then I immediately go into the graduate midwife programme.
I had the interview last week and I thought I didnt do too well but the guys in ICU at Freo gave me glowing references and I got it!

They dont want me to totally leave the ICU so I have promised to stay on in a casual basis and I mgiht do a shift a month or so just to keep my hand in and boost the money somewhat. On the course I will be paid for 4 days a week even though I will be working 5 (one is a uni day which you dont get paid for).

Steve and I were only just saying tonight that since we got here things seem to have gone right for us whereas in the UK there was always a problem or whatever. here we seem to have been successful in everything we have put our hands to.

We can tick me being a midwife off the list of things to do in 2009
Next up is buying a house......I am sure we will encounter the odd hiccup there.

Bye guys

Jackie and Steve
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