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01 Nov 2008
well saying goodbye to the rest of the family tomorrow and then i fly sunday.... last day at work was really sad and i got presssssiieeesssss and a lovely card which everyone signed with lovely messages....so here is to the new start, but im leaving my hubby and kids..well only for 3 weeks then they will join me......speaak to you on the other side.. bye for now...xx
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27 Oct 2008
well i cant belive it has gone so quick 7 days till i start the dream for the family. I fly with my dad on the 2nd November and the rest of the broad fly out with my mum on the 27th November. It seems unreal at the moment but i know that once i am there sorting out things ill be fine. Im at work at themoment on nites and only have 3 more shifts left then im finished. All money transfered, visa in passport, tickets, insurance, then off off off i go.......
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