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G'Day Perth
07 Nov 2008
GDAY FROM PERTH Well after a very good flight me and my dad arrived in perth. What a greeting to RAIN!!!must have brought it with me...lol...Anyway arrived monday 3rd afternoon and picked up at the airport by friends of my mum's. felt good to land..Anyway within three days have sercued a rental in somerly clarkson..4x2 lovely brand new property pick keys up on tuesday 11th placed deposit and paid 3 months rent in advanced. think this did the trick well worth if you have that to place down....Enjoying so far in the joondalup library at the moment untill internet access is up and running..managed to do all my internet banking and overseas business. Opened my account with westpac so easy..everyone really nice and i love driving my automatic car. Feel really lazy..lol..
Anyway applied for my TRN and just now gonna sort out medicare and centrelink..but that can wait till monday...
Does anyone know a good sparky that will change my plugs on my electrical items!!!! otherwise gonna get hubby to bring adapter plugs from uk.
Anyway talk again soon
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