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16 days here
19 Nov 2008
Well have been here just over 2 weeks and almost completed all the tasks at hand...now i can relax for a few days until the rest of te faily arrive.
Got house, insurance for contents, foxtel in (most important thing), wireless internet fed up with tringto get phone line not one installed in this new property, so will have to make d with skype and web cam for now at least....furniture unpacked, beds put up and bank accounts sorted, bbq and paio furniture got today........
So i think i deserve a few days off...going o perth tomo for work purpose togive my TRN which took approx 8 days...fantastic....also got medibank sorted out due to the visa i am on i have to have private health insurance. Regisered with the Family practice for docto purpose..enrolled chloe in at the new sommerly primary school..and got the old to into clarkson high school..I tried kinroos college but found the lady really rude on the phone saying that was closer to clarkson high school an that she would onsider my son for year 8 but my daugher for year 10 was t full...so i told her not to bother and i would find a school that was polite and will tak both of them. I was so angry not that we have travelled 12000 miles and moved here and i chose that school because i liked the look ofit and it was nice when i went round i, then a different lady on the phone was rude. They can stuff it!!!!!!!! gotthat o my chest.

So thigs in all are going great everything done for there arrival on the 28th november i can't wait ive missed them all so much.....then i have 10 days with hem until i start work 8th decemeber...oh and they gave m christmas off to spend with the family...working new year but dont care about that...
Speak soon claire and family xxx