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Everything going smooth!!
14 Dec 2008
Well been here almost 6 weeks family have all arrived safely and i never eant to do that again...split us up like that ihad a 400 doller phone bill in the time i was here and they were in england! lol Anyway chloe started school and loves it im not starting the older two till feb, due to timing of school year. so they are having 8 weeks of school, so hopefully looking forward to going bk in the new year.
Ive started my job and its great, get paid fornightly...how did i manage monthly in the uk. LOL....House going well..very detailed report of the house..but i must admit they did miss of loads of problems so, gonna have to write them on the report. Being a new house they have written everything excellent condition which its not if, you say the paints peeling away behind the corner of the doors the walls are not even, have dent marks they have painted over, and two tiles are cracked. So im gonna have to ring the agent on monday just to clarify i can put all that down in the report. Anyway enjoying the xmas shopping in the sun...lol... and the kids are loving the beach and snorkling and body boarding.
Well post update after christmas.
Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone...
Claire, mark, hollie, alex and chloe xxxxxx
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