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3 months in
15 Feb 2009
Well things are great my job is fantastic and really enjoying the way they nurse here (NOT!!!), lol, no its ok but a least 5 years behind uk, but im sure it just takes time to settle. Mark got a job back with the firm that he worked for in the uk Fedex Aussie stlye, with his shorts and t-shirts...lol looks so different. Kids have started school, Hollie has gone into year 10 at clarkson HS and has made friends, but says the work is really easy and has settle in well. Alex also started clarskon HS and in year 8 and has made friends and likes that he can wear shorts and trainers....he also said the works easy..so hope fully they will have no problems passing the test then...lol....there is always hope. chloe started at the new sommerly primary school and is lovinh every minute of it, well and 8 you always do. House rental going well and hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to buy.

Get myself a new jeep in the next couple of weeks as we definatly need two cars now, with mark working. But we do not need to organise childcare as our hours are good to work around picking up little chloe from school, as i work 3 long days a week i can organise that around mark.

Loving it here the whole experience has been worth it still speak to my mum x2 a day morning and evening as the world of SKYPE is fantastic, also webcam so, i can see everyone. Just waiting on the tax money to come through from the UK, that should be next week so, more money for the kitty...

I live just down the road from jannine who is also on aussiemove and have had coffe a few times, need to catch up, but both being nurses its a bit difficult...
Kids love the beach and have visted a few places yanchep and perth zoo, fremantle...but we have all the time in the world to visit places after all we are living here now...
Sorting out my PR visa with work at the moment, so should have that within the next few months....

Sorry for the rambling....catch up soon...
Anyone need help just let me know if i can do anything...
Claire and MArk.
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